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jff convention 2
iradium party 2
iradium party 1

2002. jff convention 2

babs, naku, kala on bottom
rage (newgen), teajay (newgen) on top



exocet/jff showing us his chipdisk "her numbness" :
babs, kala, naku and a bunch of people around



mad scener ! ^^; (kalachnikov)



naku's tower
for the pc tuning competition

2001. iradium party 2. wild land ^^

so.. we release it or not ?
from left to right : naku, babs, kalachnikov, guiwald



in the background :
kalachnikov, naku, dlyr/mdr



guiwald, babs (behind the woofers), kalachnikov

2000. iradium party 1. report (french). click.